spotlight on kenya

-Michelle Datiles, Foundation SCA

In 2007, hundreds of families were forced to leave their homes after the results of an election erupted into tribal conflict.  Displaced and waiting for government aid which never came, these families tried to settle and rebuild their lives.  Our foundation supports efforts of the Kianda Foundation, based in Nairobi, which has helped 238 of these families relocate to Wanjohi Farm (Nyandarua District).

We’re trying to give high school scholarships to 2o young women from Wanjohi so they can continue their studies after national events threw them off course.

There’s much more info on our website but it’s pretty mind-opening to think it’s only $570 per student (!).   About $10 a week.  That’s your daily tall caramel macchiato….

Give so they can give.  There’s so much good a single person can do to change the life of another person, even if that person is on the other side of the world.



FEATURE STORY “My name is Wambui and I live in Wanjohi farm with my family. We had to run away from our place trying to save our lives, all we had was burnt, but we managed to survive.  I live with my parents and brothers and sisters. We are four children and I am the third.

I would love to go to school but I can’t, my parents are jobless and they struggle to get money for food for all of us.  Sometimes I talk to my friends in the Wanjohi Farm and we all dream of a good school where we can study and try to get a good job later on and be able to help our families. It would be so good if this dream becomes a reality one day…”  (Photo: Wambui with her mother behind her)

One of Kianda's other initiatives is Kibondeni College. More information later but below are some photos of their professional culinary courses.

Good knows no bounds.  Give!


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