Expansion 2011: Guatemala, part 1

New!  In 2011, we will be expanding our efforts in Central America (we previously helped a program in Honduras) as we partner with Las Gravileas, a much-needed training center for women in Guatemala.

After Tropical Storm Agatha rampaged parts of the country this past February, the severe situation of poverty in parts of Guatemala reached even more alarming levels.

The program we will be partnering with in 2011 focuses specifically on the Department of Sacatepéquez, located in the foothills of the volcanoes of Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, a dangerous geographical position during Agatha because communities were swept away in the powerful currents of mud, stones, and trees.   Women in those areas suddenly need to find ways of earning a living or make extra on top of what their husbands earn.   Las Gravileas is a brilliant solution to this ever-increasing pressure: they provide women with an intense period of training in a traditional craft and how to get a small business going.  And since time is of the essence (these women do not have the luxury of years of studying: they need to be working and earning as soon as possible to support their families), the courses have been well-structured into a 3-month time frame.  From the FIRST DAY, women are already taught how to start their small business.  (Tropical Storm Agatha news article)

Brilliant?  We thought so and we’re proud to be partnering with them.

If you want to help, please act on that generous impulse and donate to Foundation SCA HERE.   You can also see the other awesome programs and projects we’re supporting by going to our GLOBAL MAP.

Happy travels!
-Michelle Datiles, Foundation SCA


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