spotlight on GUATEMALA, part 2


Isabel, one of the women who was able to begin her own small business through the training and support of Las Gravileas, our partner in Guatemala

I am Isabel.  I am 58 years old and a widow.  With four children, I needed a way to earn a living to continuing caring for them, to feed and educate them.  I made a living washing and ironing clothing until that was no longer an option.  Later, when it became harder to find work than when I was younger, I was lucky enough to discover Las Gravileas.  The courses they offer gave me a way to still care for my family.  Because of Las Gravileas, I can earn a living by working from home.

Soy Isabel. Tengo 58 años de edad a partir de mi viudez me quede a cargo de la alimentación y educación de mis hijos que son 4.  Me ganaba la vida lavando y planchando ajeno hasta que salieron de carrera.  Posteriormente debido a mi edad ya no pude trabajar como lo hacía de joven y el estar recibiendo cursos en Gravileas me ayudo a poder trabajar desde mi hogar.

-Michelle Datiles, Foundation SCA


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