mosaic = all of us trying to make a difference

“What one man can do is change the world & make it young again.”

Well, each of us wants to change the world…. at least for one person (!) but hopefully for many, many more.   And sometimes it’s just that one smile or that one hour to listen to someone pour their heart out, that makes the difference.  Other times, we want to do something greater, bigger…  but we forget that those random acts of kindness do add up to something greater than they’d be alone.

Photo © Foundation SCA 2010

That’s what this blog’s about: a mosaic.   Beautiful, small, powerful pieces coming together from many countries, creating one picture the world over.  It’s a few people here, a handful of people there, who start something but great.  That’s all you need because with those seeds well-sown, we have the making of a great harvest.   I’m Program Manager at Foundation SCA (Foundation for Social & Cultural Advancement) & this blog is basically a mosaic (yes, yet again) of all the colorful, interesting & moving issues related to the work I do.  But above all, it’s about people.

Basically, the foundation promotes women and girls, especially those who are under-privileged, by supporting locally-initiatedprograms (does “by the people, for the people” ring a bell?)focused specifically on the education and advancement of women.  It‘s an incredible mission, I think.

If you help one woman, you potentially help one family, then one community…and a whole country.  (Obvious?  Er…not to everyone, which is what we’re trying to change.)

Right now, we’re helping women and girls inCameroon,Kenya, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Honduras,and two cities here in the US, Chicago and D.C. (We also helped Haiti.)

Interested in knowing what’s happening in those places & how we’re helping, or the current news & goings-on in the developing world?   Then keep your eye on this blog!

-Michelle Datiles, Foundation SCA


Photos © Foundation SCA 2010

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